Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simple Beauty tip

The normal body lotion when applied to the badly cracked feet regularly can yield better results.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

On my Friend's Wedding

Today was the wedding of Aarthi who has remained and will remain so as one of very few good and special frienz of mine
If I have to write about her,probably I will have to write for pages and pages.
If I have to rewind of the initial days of my college,then if I have to be frank then I need to write some truth.Initially some of her actions and behaviour had made me think that she is so silly or perhaps was overreacting to any situation.But friend I was wrong!(As most of the time I am)
Aarthi has very few good friends though she socialise with every one equally.If she accepts anyone as her friend,then you are fortunate enough as she doesn't mind going that extra mile for you and more over she is always there for you no matter whatever your problem is.
Many times it has so happened that I had thought about her and then the next minute I will have a call from her.Is this telepathy? I really don't know.
I have learnt a lot form her.To my astonishment she always surpasses my expectations.She can remain as a source of inspiration to many.She is a perfect example of the proverb,"Where there is a will,there is a way".
One more coincidence was that it started raining today and the weather in Chennai is so good that I don't feel like boarding my train to Hyderabad.But what to do I'll have to go.
Her marriage is something very special to me as I have known her for the past 11 years and her life has remained a open book and finally leaving Chennai to board my usual Charminar Express with utmost satisfaction.
She is a very simple,selfless,down to earth girl and I wish her all beautiful and pleasant memeories in all the days to come.Long live my friend!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


All prayers from deep inside the heart never goes unanswered.This is one of my strongest beliefs though I'm not very particular about praying God and performing Pooja daily.Hence I consider both thiest and athiest on the same level infact atheist in a slightly upper level as the people who do not believe in the existence of God will go by their consiousness unlike many who for namesake and society perform Poojas.I have met so many people in my life who don't have any moral values for life but are particular in going to temple regularly.I simply laugh inside my heart for such people.
On the otherhand many god fearing people are also sincere in their beliefs and actions but I was not fortunate enough to meet many.
But personally I feel if there is a strong desire to do something in my life and if have been constantly thinking about it,I have been able to achieve it.Such strong desires are applicable for both personal and professional life and are the driving force for my life and I believe them to be prayers emanating directly from the heart.Such prayers have become inseparable part of my life.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Operation Laptop

Finally the "ENTER" key of my laptop was fixed by none other than the cute little angel ,my sister Prasanna.I can write pages and pages about her.She is 11 yrs younger than me but 1000 times better than me.A girl who is very simple in nature.When anyone meets her, in the first instance cannot even judge her.She will look very simple with a smiling face and moreover to a certain extent a girl who is not very active.But she sets her goal very clear and keep breaking her head trying to achieve it.When she does anything ,she does it so perfect that children of her age can hardly do.As time went on,I have turned out to become a big fan of her.She is one of my greatest inspiration .Really she has taught me so many things in my life.In fact when I came home for a week to Chennai, as she was a small girl,I had asked her not to touch and spoil my laptop further and did not even bother to show her what the problem was and for namesake had described the problem to her and explained how none of my friends at Hyderabad could set it right.She was just listening quietly and didnot tell that she will try to fix it as she was aware that I won't let her do it. So in my absence she had just fixed the "ENTER" key in 10 minutes time and called me to show me.This came as big surprise to me.I know that she is gud in solving sudoku puzlzles and the rubics cube but this skill of her was entirely new to me.So yet another great work by her.I'll always remain to be a proud sister of her and as always keep listening to her advice which she gives whenever I get confused in no matter how small or big the matter is.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sachin 200/200

Millions of Indians were once again feeling on top of the world and jumping in happiness.Sachin spares no one...Not even a person like me who has left watching cricket long ago.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Internet and the Nobel Peace Prize

Internet is one among the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize 2010.This is really a very good thought.If I were one among the jury,then the internet would definitely be the winner.This will come as no surprise to anyone when compared with the last year's winner-Barack Obama.I have always wondered how the Father of my nation was never awarded this highest echelon.Every year as soon the nobel peace prize is announced,anyone is bound to find articles in leading Newspapers and in the internet that the Nobel Peace Prize had never been awarded to M.K.Gandhi but many of those who have been awarded always remembers him and claim to be his follwers.After all Mahatma Gandhi is above any Nobel Prize .If not for him who would have got all guts to fight the British thru nonviolence and ahimsa.I admire him a lot though the people who are not fully aware of him might oppose this opinion of me.
Coming to the story of the nomination of the internet:
The nomination was proposed by the Italian edition of Wired magazine for promoting "dialogue,debate and consensus through communication as well as democracy".
And the interesting part is that the nomination is also backed by 2003 noble peace laureate and exiled Iranian activist Shirin Ebadi.
Isn't it very nice.In this internet era,finding people is not a difficult task.All those whom we have met or studied or worked together are sure to be in any one of the social networking websites or at anypoint of time can be contacted thru email but it is upto us whether to keep in touch or not.

But my mother or any mother of lower middle class family especially Tamilians will no doubt be of the opinion that computer and mobile are the two destracting inventions till date atleast for school and college students as I have three of my younger siblings still in college and one in school.She is definitely right.The utility of anything be it an instrument,equipment or whatever it might be should never cross the limits.Otherwise it will loose it's charm.

So herez me wishing me all the very best for The Internet to win this year's Noble Peace Prize.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Paying Guest(PG)

Itz been more than a year almost I have settled at Hyderabad.Initially I was hesitant to accommodate myself in a sharing accommodation as I had lived independently at Malanjkhand.When I live alone I define everything-right from my morning walk to my night sleep.

But now after a year of having stayed in a PG,life has some flavors added to it.Right from beauty tips to going to theatres for watching movies,it has been fun all the way.Life in a PG is really a blessing if you find friends who have similar thoughts and above all,the stupid and nonsense thoughts which occupy the mind when staying alone is certainly avoided as I find friends giving suggestions on all topics under the sky.

Now Once again going to a remote place like Malanjkhand no longer occupies my thought though I can visit such places for a vacation,for a change of mind or officially as my work will demand it!

Looks like I can survive anywhere in India atleast-jungle,city,island,desert... Place is no longer a problem for me...I enjoy the change in my habitat....Hahaha!